Engines currently supports a Discord channel, to join us, CLICK HERE!

Setup is as simple as clicking that link and following the instructions. Discord is a Free gaming chat client that uses minimal resources, cooperates with NWN2 (important!), doesn't have any spyware or anything like that, and allows Engines players and Staff to chat in real-time! You can also very easily make sub-channels and setup voice comms, so if you and your groupmates want some voicechat while playing, you can do so easily on the fly!

#sinkhole is the text-only channel where you can chat with other players and staff The Mouse Quarter is the general voicechat channel, which you will not join by default. Voicechat is 100% optional!

Please remember to always be respectful of other players, we're all in this for fun.

DISCLAIMER: As staff we have the power to moderate the channel, but we'd rather not exercise it. Also keep in mind that we cannot hear what is said in a voice channel, so if you choose to accept a voice chat request from another player, we cannot be responsible for what is said. Please be responsible and remember to treat others as you expect to be treated, this chat is 100% OUT OF CHARACTER.


Engines has an IRC channel, but it is currently fallen out of favor in place of Discord. You can access IRC in a variety of ways, with many different programs available that are both free and paid. The server we're using also has a web-based chat that you can use in a pinch, as well!

The address is #Engines on

The web chat can be accessed HERE .

This is an Official chat that WILL be moderated by the Team, however we cannot guarantee that a member of the team will always be online. 

As always, we expect all players to treat each other with respect and be courteous, we're all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, so please keep that in mind and be civil! (though cursing is allowed, we're all adults) Source