A guide to Trivium's various locales, written by J. Frazer for the 1766 Storm-petrel Society Almanac. Some artistic licence is taken in names for otherwise unrecorded sites.



The City of Dreams hides many corners that descend into darker inclinations. From infestations of vermin and hazardous environs to organized crime and heretical rituals, the well meaning citizenry of Calidor always have work for someone willing to get their hands a bit dirty.

The Craigs

The mountains north of the City are home to all manner of wild beast, and provide exellent game and stalking grounds for the novice hunter.

Brackenrot Swamp

A bog that has claimed countless lost souls, te lowlands that surround Calidor are rife with hidden threats. Most advice recommends taking care where one treads, as the slumbering corpses beneath the moss and bracken are known not to remain that way. More human threats warn about the illicit buisness is known to hide within the inhospitable terrain, and tales of yet more fearsome beasts are wispered of the deeper reaches.

Wyler Isle

The Walking Woods

Trollmaw Depths

Nefarian Desert


The Northern Wyrmwastes

The Pyramid of Nefarn

Tyrant's Peak

Emerald Isles


The Emerald Jungle

Keelhaul Cove

The Thundering Mount

De Excire


The Labrynth


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